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neeb crane activities germany

Air-conditioning equipment with Spierings SK.

A large ventilator had to be lifted onto the roof of a shopping centre in Grevenbroich. Due to limited space this could only proceed with the special folding …Read More

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crane activities neeb
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Glazing work with the Spierings SK 488.

During the building of new public utilities in Bochum replacement glass had to be installed.
By setting the boom at an angle of 30°, glass could be lowered down …Read More

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Special assembly with truck mounted crane.

Lifting of a 650 kg pump assembly into a fire station with an out stretched truck mounted crane.

lifting activities crane neeb
lifting logistics neeb germany

Placement of electricity substation

Mounting of a 62 t heavy electricity substation by means of a 200 t telescopic crane in Wuppertal.

lifting activities germany
neeb crane germany
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Garage mounting.

Mounting of two 14 ton prefabricated garages in a limited space with 90 ton telescopic crane.

neeb lifting logistics
neeb crane activities germany
crane activities neeb germany

Mounting of garage

Erection of 8 garages, due to big dimensions, is done by means of a 250 t telescopic crane straight over the factory building.

neeb crane activities germany
activities crane neeb

Removal of pre-fab pavement 02/2004

Removal of pre-fab concrete pavement by means of the 180 t telescopic crane in Wuppertal.