Telescopic boom lift, JLG 1250 SPJ 41m

Termocentral Ternut Romania

“Să mergem! Ajutăm înaltă – departe – greu- lung”

We are pleased to have the next 300t mobile crane in our fleet

Don’t stand still…… move on

New Actros 1845 Giga Space with “Rolfo Aufbau Euro 4”.

For our international long-distance transport.

It will be time to drive a beautiful tour to the beautiful Italy again.

It goes with overheight and width according to BARI.
We are logsitics…. Long-wide-high! Just do it

Once again a long way to Sweden

A machine with a height of 3.85m and a weight of 12 tonnes.

It’s time for a night shift again.

The weather tells us when we have to work…. !
Liebherr LR1700 Team Ingo, Jose, Michael are working on climate change.
Thank you for your commitment!

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