Latest news from the LR1700 at a wind Park in Germany


New wind farm, great weather and good team.

Liebherr LR1700 in the wind farm Hohe Heide with configuration HSL9DFBV 165m +12m as well as the auxiliary crane Grove 6300L and Liebherr.
A new one, so the energy …Read More

It’s time to start the renewal of our truck fleet.

First of all we start with the saddle pull-up machine 2 axles type S460 from Scania.
Full equipment with all comforts for our drivers.
Today we are pleased to be …Read More

We call this a nice visit to us on the construction site…. !

Again and again fascinating to see a rainbow.
Wish you all the beautiful Easter days that await us.



With the worldwide distribution, is NEEB CRANE one of the biggest international crane companies of middle and large tonnage.


neeb ubicacion
neeb sede alemania
G. A. Neeb GmbH & Co. KG
Linderhauser Str. 77-79, 42279 Wuppertal (Head Office)
Deutscher Ring 101-105a, 42327 Wuppertal
neeb sede españa
Neeb XXI, S.L. Cooperation partner
Calle Aneto, 9 (Pol Ind Valdeconsejo), 50410 Cuarte de Huerva, Zaragoza
neeb sede rumania
Neeb S.R.L. Cooperation partner
Str. Mihai Viteazu, 192, Com. Selimbar, Sibiu, 557260,  Romanía
neeb sede canada
Neeb & Schuch Heavy Logistics Inc. Cooperation partner

410, St. Nicolas street, suite 200, Montreal, QC H2Y2P5, Canada

neeb sede brazil
neeb sede africa


The headquarters and the management of our company are located in Wuppertal (Germany).
With cooperation partners in Sibiu (Romania) and Zaragoza (Spain), we are not only a European logistics company, but we are also at markets, like the American or African oriented.
We develop projects in South America, Africa and Canada.

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1961 Foundation of the company Neeb Salvage and Towing Service by Gustav Adolf Neeb.
1963 Collaboration of Gustav Adolf Neeb in the founding of the VBA e.V Union of Salvage- and Towing Service e.V.. Chairman of the union until 2004.
1973 Expansion of the services through the availability of crane rental of the first GROVE car cranes[…]

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