The oldest part of the “Wuppertaler Schwebebahn” goes another way!

So long Buddy…… I saw you more than 50 years in my hometown ! It was an honor for us.
Thanks to Bogdan for the safe transport

We will never stop!

Our Demag SL3800 in Austria once more in the name of GE Windenergy. Thanks to the team. Both of then are fare away from home.

It’s time to build a construction crane!!!

We build a construction crane with a Grove 4100L, it’s easy think !

With the LIEBHERR LTC in the closest space ! A big Puzzle



The geniuses of my team. Thank you all very much!

Really Big Butt !!!!

The Grove GMK6300 seems to be the “Kardashian“ under the Mobil cranes

A really difficult montage job we have to manage here in difficult times.

Thank our customers who believe in us. Thank my team, who’s come up with some very good ideas to handle this job.

Moving the Demag SL3800 with BoomBooster to the next Windpark.

Keep moving. 60 Years service to our clients 24/7!!! Thanks to all who are joining us.

advent neeb germany

Fine 1. Advent to all

SL3800 Boom Booster neeb austria
park austria neeb crane
park austria neeb
neeb crane work austria

Finished a park in Austria

Finished a park in Austria. Now we have to move the Big Papa SL3800 Boom Booster to the next park. No matter where…. no matter how…we keep moving! …Read More