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Liebherr LTM1750 to Finnland

Let‘s go to Finnland with the Liebherr LTM1750

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Special Transport arrived in Tarragona

Special Transport onshore arrived Tarragona Spain Gruas Leman

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LR1600 to Tarragona

Nice to be here! 3 days offshore!

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LR1600 on the way to Tarragona, Spain

The BiG THREE going to Spain by Ship. Liebherr LR1600 on the way to Tarragona Spain

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Liebherr LTC1050

Liebherr LTC1050 inside the Gasometers in WUPPERTAL Germany. Nice job!

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Liebherr LR1600

Next Tour with Liebherr LR1600 to Spain. Nice Pic Thomas. Seems to be that the good old times are back ..

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neeb transport spain
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In the beginning there is a mission…

then a good team … than a long journey….than a final destination…Ehingen-Madrid! It’s done. Thanks to my team!

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New arrivals! SCANIA S520

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Neeb crane SL3800

Terex SL3800 Boombooster

Fast, faster…. Ovelgönne, Germany. Terex SL3800 Boombooster Pad to Pad 1,5 day. Good Team!