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neeb lifting germany
neeb crane germany
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Sunday in Wuppertal…..Just do it

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neeb school wuppertal
neeb training wuppertal

Working with the next Generation ……!

Show the kids what we can do…. can be posible the next crane Operator …. Thanks to Costi who shows the Kids what is posible with the Liebherr LTF1060 …Read More

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neeb load cranes
neeb load wind farm

Spain is coming….!

Once more moving in EUROPE for our team. Thanks to our Gallegos for the nice pics and support.

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neeb germany work
neeb crane work

Heavy!!! Palfinger 165.002 „The Special One“

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neeb employee work
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Moving today the Liebherr LR1300

Moving today the Liebherr LR1300 with a good Teamspirit! Very nice pics Andrè

neeb crane germany

Ready for the ROLL OUT

GROVE GMK5150L. New crane for Team Nord from Neeb Crane Heavy Logistics.

neeb crane on road

Back again also in the 4axles class. Liebherr LTM1090 with the new wheel base and VARIO BASE.

suspensión railway classroom wuppertal

Wuppertal suspension railway becomes a classroom

crane installation wind farm
neeb windmill installation
neeb crane installation
neeb crane wind farm
neeb crane wind farm
neeb crane windmill installation

Hello, what’s going on in Spain ! Liebherr LR1600 Narrow Track ready to lift.

neeb crane windmill installation
neeb wind energy
neeb crane wind farm
neeb wind farm

Terex AC500 at his best. Thanks Ingo, nice pics