We are pleased to have completed a course at Liebherr in Ehingen

Our team LTM1650 and LR1700 and our service department.

Now it’s going to work as soon as possible.


Our association of recovery and towing services honors our services for a cover picture

Thanks to our team for the repeated performance

Once again, transport something special with our Car Logistic.

It is nice to see how another generation is stepping in the footsteps.

Even though the grandfather is no longer in Wuppertal we are happy about the 2º and 3º generation.
Thank you, Costi. We’re proud of you and your family.

Hungry to move cranes!

Neeb-Team still on the way…….

Expect the unbeaten champion, the 1st crane in this class in Germany.

Manitowoc/Grove GMK5150XL.
Long…., longer… GMK5150XL

Special houses need special services……!

Ask us and we will prove to you that we always have a solution.

Work in Fos su Mer, Marseille France is slowly taking shape

Our team Neeb Romania will be busy here for some time in machine assembly.
Thank’s to Liviu for the photos.

Weekend Highlight on the Highway A1.

Together we are strong! Teamplay and friendship, the best way to work together.
Thanks to all! Nice pics Costi.

Neeb Team Romania on assembly in Fos sur Mer France.

This time only with small hoisting equipment but as always effective in the sense of the customer.