It’s time! The next Grove 60t goes to the fleet of the Neeb Group to Wuppertal.

Was nice to see you again in Wilhelmshaven

Hello again in Wilhelmshaven

SAP Garden gets a little more roof every day

Slowly but surely the new stadium in Munich gets a face!

We are focused on completing the hall roof.

A Saturday as much as our taste

Wind and weather play with and finally we get something done.
Thanks to our team.

24/7 always available, always available and more than 60 years!

You can count on us

Christmas is really there.


We are looking forward to the nice gift from Wilhelmshaven


Yesterday in Ehingen and today already with us on the new terrain!


Tonight we will continue to the first big job in overseas

Team SL3800 finishes again “in time” the job that was actually planned until just before Christmas.


Top! Thank you to the entire team

Finally celebrate, laugh, sing and dance again.


Our team is not only composed of professionals who understand it to work together but also of people who understand it to be able to celebrate together.
Unfortunately, it …Read More