neeb windmill installation
neeb windmill sweden
neeb crane sweden winter
neeb wind farm sweden

Just on time….! -21 degree doesn’t matter!….

We finished our promises. Thanks to our hole team. Yo do a wonderful job. Now it’s time to come home…. celebrating Christmas with family and friends.

neeb truck transport

Something different today ……!

Transport directly inside the Serengenti Park in Germany Niedersachsen. We have to stay there with 3 trucks! Did they come out still alive?


neeb heavy transport
neeb heavy transport
neeb crawler special transport
neeb special transport

New!!! Ready for Workouts!

Liebherr LR1600W. Narrow Track is now available in stock. Full equipped.

neeb lifting logistics
neeb crane transport
crane crane work
neeb crawler crane
neeb crawler crane

Brand New Liebherr LTR1100

neeb crane work thyssen
neeb shaft
neeb mining sweden

2,000 metres scale for Norilsk Nickel Siberia Russia

Currently the deepest shafts of the world are in construction with the Liebherr LR1400 Crawler Crane. Temperatures up to – 50 degrees and incredible amounts of snow, the …Read More

neeb crane operator
neeb wind farm
neeb turbine
neeb employee sweden
neeb turbine installation sweden
neeb windmill installation
neeb wind farm sweden

A long Journey is coming to the end….

seems to be that we will finish our project! Nice moments on top! Thanks to our team for the fotos and for such a good performance.

neeb crane exhibition
neeb wind energy exhibition
neeb wind energy exhibition hamburg

We will be in Hamburg on the Wind Exhibition

neeb crawler crane
neeb crane installation wind farm
neeb crane wind farm

The 2071 on his last ride

He’s on his last ride. For us, a piece of history goes from the field of wind power. He was the starting point for us and now it …Read More

neeb truck fleet
neeb special transport
neeb trucks fleet

Welcome to Sweden…! New Project ! Vi ser fram emot landet och folket

neeb suspended tramway wuppertal

Something special going on in Wuppertal…..

Will be back the old Schwebebahn ?!