crane installation wind farm
neeb windmill installation
neeb crane installation
neeb crane wind farm sweden
neeb crane wind farm
neeb crane windmill installation

Hello, what’s going on in Spain ! Liebherr LR1600 Narrow Track ready to lift.

neeb crane windmill installation
neeb wind energy
neeb crane wind farm
neeb wind farm

Terex AC500 at his best. Thanks Ingo, nice pics

neeb wind farm sweden
newspaper crane news

Resque-Team at his Best. Well done!


trucks neeb special transport
neeb crane part transport
neeb crawler crane sweden

Just in Time! Liebherr LR11350 for the Port of Rotterdam

neeb wind power station
neeb wind power shweden
neeb wind farm sweden

Early bird catches the worm…..

some nice pics…! Freeze and with a little powder on the crawlers…

neeb trucks fleet

Rolling rolling rolling!

Red and Yellow comes to Iberia…..! Hot and spicy!!

neeb special transport

Convoy to Spain…..!

Just the same as in the good old times. Nice to be back!

neeb christmas card

Merry Christmas and a happy 2019

neeb windmill installation
neeb windmill sweden
neeb crane sweden winter
neeb wind farm sweden

Just on time….! -21 degree doesn’t matter!….

We finished our promises. Thanks to our hole team. Yo do a wonderful job. Now it’s time to come home…. celebrating Christmas with family and friends.

neeb truck transport

Something different today ……!

Transport directly inside the Serengenti Park in Germany Niedersachsen. We have to stay there with 3 trucks! Did they come out still alive?