neeb mobil crane

Partnership with Neeb & Schuch Inc. Canada

Entering in the wind energy plants industry in North America.
Starting the cooperation with Neeb & Schuch Logistique Lourde Inc. in Montreal (Canada).

crane neebschuch
crane neebschuch

Liebherr LTM11200: 1200t

The largest mobile crane built until the present becomes part of Neeb group. This mobile crane is specially designed for the field of wind energy. It’s huge capacity …Read More

neeb lg1750_derrick_sl12

Liebherr lattice boom mobile crane LG 1750 SL 12

150 meters hook height and lifting capacity of 100t speak for themselves in this new class, insurmountable.
Liebherr Ehingen developes SL12 and SL14 kit to provide this crane just …Read More

neeb lr1750 pamplona
neeb lr1750 pamplona españa
neeb lr1750_pamplona españa

750t crawler crane Liebherr LR1750

First job of a new crawler crane Liebherr LR1750. This equipment has been added to the equipment of the Neeb-Schuch group to answer in the future the increasing …Read More

power turbine installation crane neeb
neeb crane power turbine installation

500t crawler crane Terex CC2500

In order to be even more competitive and flexible in the international market a new crawler crane was bought for our 500t class. We have chosen a CC2500 …Read More

crane neeb schuch

Second 600t LR1600/2 Liebherr

A second crawler crane in the 600t class as part of our fleet. The crawler crane LR 1600/2 is convincing by its outstanding capacities, variable boom and derrick …Read More

crawler crane neeb
neeb crane lr1600
neeb crane wind farm

600t Liebherr LR1600/W

Eine weitere Raupe in der 600t Klasse gehört zum Fahrzeugpark. Speziell für die Errichtung von Windenergieanlagen wurde dieses Gerät angeschafft, um die komplette Bandbreite in der 600t-Klasse anbieten …Read More

neeb wind power

500t mobile crane AC500/2 Terex

Also in the 500t mobile crane class there is a good alternative to the usually reliable Liebherr cranes. From the brand Terex, due to the merger Neeb / …Read More

crane neeb schuch
crane neeb schuch

Liebherr LTM1500 500t mobile crane

Especially for the market of erection of wind power installations in Europe the fleet was expanded by another large crane.

neeb crane
neeb wind power station

Liebherr LR 1600/2 crawler crane

New at the park from November 2010. The crawler crane LR 1600/2 is convincing by its outstanding capacities, variable boom and derrick systems as well as by its …Read More